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At Smart Water Irrigation, we offer top-notch backflow testing services to our valued customers in Memphis and the surrounding areas.
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Backflow Testing

Are you concerned about the safety of your water supply?

What is Backflow Testing?

Backflow occurs when water flows in the opposite direction of its intended flow, potentially contaminating the water supply with harmful pollutants or chemicals. Backflow can occur due to a drop in pressure in the water system, which can cause water to flow backward into the supply system. This is a serious health hazard and can pose a threat to public health.

Backflow testing is the process of testing your irrigation system to ensure that it is properly protected against backflow. During the testing process, our experts will inspect and test all backflow prevention devices to ensure that they are functioning properly. These devices prevent the backflow of water and ensure that your irrigation system is safe and compliant with local regulations.

Don't let fines and penalties catch you off guard! With us, Smart Water Irrigation, you can keep your irrigation system in check and compliant with local laws. Plus, you'll be doing your part to protect your water supply. So why wait?

Schedule your backflow testing with us today. We're here to provide reliable, affordable, and efficient services in Memphis and beyond.


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What Our Clients Say

We are grateful to have such wonderful – lifelong clients.
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    I received many quotes for an irrigation system. The quote from Smart Water was competitive but not the cheapest. Joe followed up several times answering questions that came up during the process. The install was smooth and I'm happy with the final product. We installed a 9 zone irrigation system and a low voltage outdoor lighting system with controllers. Daniel and the crew were total pros and offered insights as to how to further improve the property. They provide great support and a 2 yr warranty. I highly recommend.
    Joe Austin Review
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    I could not be happier with Smart Water Irrigation. They installed a new system at my home and did an amazing job. You could hardly tell they were there. My neighbor is so jealous as his company destroyed his yard and left valve covers exposed all over his front yard. My yard, post-installation, looks great. They have had to come out a couple of times to make some tweaks to my system and did it promptly and on my schedule. Very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and responsive to their customers. I HIGHLY recommend them. In fact I recommended them to my son and he is now a happy Smart Water customer as well.
    Robert Sutphin Review
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    Working with Joe and Daniel and their crew is amazing!! They are so professional and their work is meticulous. My dogs are especially happy to have the drainage problem in the backyard taken care of. And I'm not going to miss the muddy footprints!!! I highly recommend smart water irrigation!!
    Peggy Collins Review

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    At Smart Water Irrigation, we understand the importance of ensuring a safe and clean water supply. Backflow testing is crucial to prevent contamination of the water supply and protect the health of your community. Our team of experts is trained and equipped to provide accurate and efficient backflow testing services in Memphis and the surrounding areas.Whether you need a one-time backflow test or regular testing services, Smart Water Irrigation is here to help. We offer reliable and affordable testing services, and our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.
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